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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Video comprehension

 1)Name the subjects you can pick in that school.
 2)What happened in the lab?
 3)When he went to the drawing class, what things were there to draw about?
 4)When he got dressed after the judo lesson, what was the problem with his trousers?
 5)Once in the toilet, how did he know the trousers the other man was wearing were his?
 6)When the military man appear, what did he start doing?
 7)What happened to his car while he was eating the chocolate cake?


1) Why did he have to take the bus?
 2) Do you think he knows how to resuscitate the poor man who lying on the pavement?
 3)When he realised he has run out of battery, what did he do?
 4)What did he use to stick the stamp on the envelope?
 5)When is Mr. Bean when the postman leaves?
 6)When he is trying to catch someone's attention, what did he use?
 7)When he goes on holiday, what did he take with him? was the suitcase big enough?
 8)How did he try to turn over the pages?
 9)Name the different means of transport we have seen.
 10)What is the feeling you get if there are turbulences?