Yeah!This is a blog for you to learn English in a funnier way!!Here you can listen to real English,practice your vocabulary and grammar and...who knows..maybe, you´ll meet new people. Hope you enjoy and learn a lot from it.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Past simple

Before doing an activity in which you have to fill in some gaps according to what you hear, let's listen to the song and try to read her lips. Pay attention to the song and don't write anything yet, ok?

Do you know what the lyrics say?
Adele seems to be a bit sad, why is that?
Imagine where she's going and how she 's feeling.

The second song we'll listen to in class is...

Thursday, 12 November 2015

-ed pronunciation practice

After knowing the rules of how to pronounce a regular verb in the past, we can do the next activity. It's Mr Bean, you know he doesn't talk at all (well, sometimes he does say something). We'll watch the video and you'll read the sentences aloud.

Sunday, 8 November 2015


Pronouncing correctly in English is essential. We, Spaniards, tend to be always talking in the present. We usually lack the rules about how to pronounce a verb ending in -ed.

 Phonetics in English is a bit tricky, not every different spelling has a single rule, for example.

If we take the letter pattern "gh" we can find different ways of pronouncing  words with that spelling but actually, there isn't a rule for that. Example: ( sorry but I can't write the real phonetic symbol here)

F: rough / raf/, enough /inaf/, laugh /laf/
No pronunciation at all: though  /dou , through /zru/

Well, I hope that with this activity you learn a bit more about your second language. You must practice enough to get it right!

I once heard somebody saying..." My level of English is so bad that every time I ask for a beer , I'm not sure if I'll get a "bird", a ·beard", a "bear" or an actual "beer" ·

I don't want you to be the kind of person who said that but it's important to practice and to check the correct pronunciation in a dictionary ( or a website).


ED ENDING by Chiqui Lennon

With the following exercise you'll learn to discriminate sounds ( use howjsay.com if you want to do it at home one more time).

 Remember to have a look at your phonetic alphabet to understand the phonetic transcription better.