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Tuesday, 31 March 2020


Hi! Desde ayer vamos a trabajar con Google Classroom. 

Aún hay alumnos que no están. Corred!

Friday, 27 March 2020

4. Answers, Friday 27th March.

Here are the answers. I hope you did well but if you didn't, don't worry, we''l practice more.


Have a nice weekend dentro de lo que cabe.

Take care!

4 Friday 27th March

Hi! Ohhhhhhhh, sorry , no Sherlock today... we are going to do part 3 from B1. I have added a vocab exercise in which you have to look for synonyms, antonyms and definitions in the text ( I helped you a bit...I have also written the paragragh where they are.


I'll post the answers later.

Copy all the new vocab to improve your language skills.

Thursday, 26 March 2020

4. Answers 26th March


page 49:


1.was getting worse.
2. her mum caught that.
3. would decrease.
4. could decompose.
5. she hadn't dumped...the week before/ the previous week.


1. recycled.     2. did    3.    had walked.      4. hadn't    5.  would travel     6. was going
7. had ever reused        8. hadn't      9. got

page 50


1. warn  (advertir)     2.  beg (rogar)          3. remind  ( recordar)    4.    add ( añadir)                   5. announce  (anunciar)       6. recommend (recomendar)


1. enquire       2.  promised     3. instructed    4. admitted     5. complained


page 77


1. warned     2. explained    3.  recommended    4. announced    5. reminded     6. promised


1e   2d   3a   4b   5c


1. begged. I begged that to help me do that project.
2. offered...aquí sería ...Jessie offered to take me to the recycling center. Seguro que habéis puesto "would take", verdad? Por ahora en este curso vamos a ver sólo las declaraciones y las preguntas y los reporting verbs más básicos ( los que os dí en el vídeo).
3. wondered. Luke wondered if / whether   those birds were endangered.
4. explained. They teacher explained that they had to do a project on that subject.
5. recommend. ( las sugerencias/recomendaciones junto con las órdenes es lo que NO vamos a ver este año, por eso hay ejercicios que no he mandado) Boyan recommended using / that we use floating barriers.

3rd. Answers Thursday 26th March


page 59


1. won't be
2. look
3. will find
4. doesn't wear
5. throw


1. won't be, wear
2. leaves, will arrive
3. won't need, use
4. sleeps, won't fly
5. lose, will fall
6. will be, doesn't exercise.


Page 83


1. won't have
2. will live
3. discover
4. won't move
5. will be


1. doesn't stop
2. will start
3. helps
4. won't need
5. goes
6. won't transport
7. want
8. will be

4th ESO Homework Thursday 26 th March

Hi! A bit of practice today...

Workbook 49: 1, 2- Page 50: 1, 2.

Class Book 77: 7.8,9

3. Homework Thursday 26th March

Hi! I think I'll use Google Classroom or are you ok with the blog?

Click here for a brief explanation on the first conditional.

Now some practice:

Class Book 83: 9 and 10.

Workbook 59: 8 and 9.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

3 ESO. Answers. Wed 25th March

Got talent

1. When she is not singing it.

2. She's not used to that particular microphone and there was like background noise- the music was too loud.

Will Smith

1) Because he was going to be well-known for his role in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  all over the world . No matter how many movies he would make that he was always going to be remembered as the name of that character. Hence they used his real name, Will Smith.

2) The rap song.

3) To practice the song ( the piano playing)

4. It's like Television makes you come inside people's homes, they don't need to get dressed to watch it - they can be in their underwear.

3ESO. Wednesday 25th March

Have a look at the links I've put on the right side of the blog ( unit 7), click and practice. Tomorrow we'll see the 1st conditional.

Watch the clips and answer the questions.

1) When is the song she sang a beautiful song?
2) What does she think it's the problem?


1) Why did they choose his real name ( Will Smith) as the name of the main character in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

2) What does everybody know?

3) What has taken the second interviewee the whole week?

4) According to Will, what is the difference between a movie and Television?


Tuesday, 24 March 2020

3rd. Answers Tuesday 24th March

       1.   sun                           6.   space colony
      2.   gravity                      7.   spaceship
      3.   telescope                 8.   astronaut
      4.   earth                        9.   meteor
      5.   solar system
2       1.   moon                  3.   sky                      5.   star

      2.   spacesuit            4.   planetarium        6.   astronomer
      1.   Our teacher is planning a trip to the planetarium.
      2.   An architect is designing the building.
      3.   The number of people on Earth is increasing every day.
      4.   Their spaceship is exploring the solar system.
      5.   She is predicting my future.

Got Talent

1. No, they aren't. They are best friends.
2. Great song, they look great in the outfits and they danced really well. ( He admitted he was wrong about them)
3.No, she doesn't ( she hates it)
4. The girl is 9 and the boy is 8.
5. They are cute, there's an incredible connection between them ( he thinks they are girlfriend and boyfriend) and it's been his favourite act for the night.

I hope you understood them more or less.

4th . Answers. Tuesday 24 th March

Page 75


lived, had explored, would cover, had dumped, was destroying.


1. the recycling bin was
2. would have a serious effect on the town.
3. had found a solution to that problem.
4. were going to cut down those trees.
5. could tell him about that problem.
6. environmental projects our / my school did.

Page 76


1. diving in Greece.
2. ships with nets.
3. floating barriers.
4. the foundation Boyan set up.
5. he gave a TED talk and the video went viral.


1. plastic bags found in the sea.
2. a rotating current.
3. almost 2 million euros.
4. he hopes that people will take the issue more seriously.


1. Boyan's age when he went diving in Greece and found more plastic bags than fish in the sea.
2. The number of tonnes of plastic produced every year.
3. The percentage of plastic litter that ends up in the ocean.
4. The amount of dollars that would be needed to clean up the plastic in the sea using ships and nets.
5. The number of emails Boyan received per day after the video of his talk went viral.

After reading the text, have a look at Boyan's talk ( it's just 2 mins)

3rd homework . Tuesday 24th March.

Hi! How you doing? 

1) Write the correct word according to the definition.

      1.   a very hot bright star
      2.   a strong force
      3.   equipment to see far into space
      4.   the name of our planet
      5.   a group of planets  around  a sun
      6.   a group of homes in space
      7.   a vehicle in space
      8.   a job in space
      9.   a giant rock in space.

2) Complete the sentences with the words below.

spacesuit • moon • planetarium • sky • astronomer • star
      1.   The …………………… is full every 29.5 days.
      2.   Astronauts can’t survive without a …………………… .
      3.   The …………………… looks blue during the day and black at night.
      4.   You can learn about the galaxy in a …………………… .
      5.   A …………………… is very hot and bright.
      6.   The …………………… studied the planet Mars carefully.

3) Write a sentence to follow each sentence below. Use the words in the chart.

Our teacher
is exploring
a trip to the planetarium.
An architect
is increasing
the solar system.
The number of people on Earth
is predicting
every day.
Their spaceship
is planning
the building.
is designing
my future.
      1.   Our next science lesson will be fun.
      2.   They're going to build a new school.
      3.   In the future, we will need many more homes.
      4.   We sent astronauts into space.
      5.   Madame Claire is a fortune-teller.

4) Watch the clip and answer the questions below.

1. Are the two kids brothers?
2. What does the first judge like most of the Cheeky Monkeys? ( 3 things)
3. Does the female judge like the song?
4. How old are they?
5. Which three things does  Simon (the last judge) say?

4th. Tuesday 24th March

Hi! Although you'll study 4 types in Reported Speech next year but they are supposed to be taught  this year , we decided to see just the first two ( statements and questions).

Class book page 75:  6, 8. Page 76: 2,3,4.

Watch the clip on Bonfire Night and do the worksheet ( you have the answers on that website and also the transcript)

I'll post the answers later.