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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Revision ( unit 1)

Hi! Let's do a bit of revision, shall we?


 A Complete with the verbs in brackets in the correct tense.

1. At present, we___________(read) about British culture at school.
2. Young children_________(learn) foreign languages fast.
 3. What time____________(you/get up) every morning?
4. You can go in- he ____________(not talk) on the phone at the moment.
5. He ____________(not travel) abroad every year.
6. Who_______________(you/wait) for?
7. I have a very good memory, so I never _______________(take) notes.
 8. We_________________(study) European history at school this term.
9. Ann ___________(understand) the problem.
 10. Patricia and Jeff usually _______________(decide) on their plans at the last minute.
11. They ____________(have) a party this Saturday night.
12. What´s your opinion? I __________________(think) it´s a great idea.
13. We ______________(have) lunch right now.
14. Kevin ___________(know) a lot of people.
 15. _____________(you/believe) that incredible story?
16. This cake____________ (taste) delicious.
17. Sue______________(see) her boyfriend tonight.
18. You seem upset. What ___________(you/think) about?
19. Governments frequently____________(create) new laws.


  PRESENT SIMPLE------habits, routines, truths, stative verbs.

  PRESENT CONTINUOUS------ actions happening at the moment of speaking, tenporal actions and near future.

 B Complete the sentences using the present simple. Don't forget to write them in negative as well.

 AFFIRMATIVE                                                    NEGATIVE

 She ______(do) her homework in the morning
 Noel ________(be) a good friend of mine
 My mum  ____________(have got) a brown cat
 Louise and Ted _______________(drink) red wine.

 C let's do the same but using the present continuous instead. 

 AFFIRMATIVE                                                   NEGATIVE

 My little cousin ____________(have) a party next Saturday.
My English teacher ______________(write) on the board now.
Our neighbours ______________( make) a lot of noise at the moment.
My parents _________________(do) the laundry right now.