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John Lennon

It´s been nearly 30 years ( next Wednesday) since John Lennon, one of the best-known musicians, was assassinated by a crazy Mark David Chapman. But his legend still lives on.

I´ve uploaded some songs for you to listen to, sing or just watch. They are worth a try. Hope you enjoy!

Who hasn´t heard about this song? The message is crystal clear.

Give peace a chance ( dad una oportunidad a la paz) A great pacifist Lennon was!

All you need is love. Great love song!

In my life. ( You have the lyrics both in Spanish and English)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thursday, 18 November 2010

As they say in England..."Laughter is the best medicine"

Oh, come on! You are not 100% sure your level of understanding the British humour is adequate? Would you like to work it out? Fortunately, I have some acquaintances in the British Isles that have sent me the following jokes for you to laugh your heads off!

Let´s see if you could pose as a native in Málaga this summer...

If frightened, don´t click here

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Mr Bean getting up late for the dentist


alarm clock, safety razor, get stuck,get dressed,pyjamas,socks,steering wheel, rondabout, feet, brush his teeth, tootbrush, toothpaste,spit,bottom,traffic warden, pour water, jar, take a seat, drill, filling, syringe, anaesthetize, inject, anaesthesia, absorb, nurse

1.What time did Mr. Bean get up? __________________________
2. Why did he get up late? ________________________________
3. Where did he put his alarm clock? ________________________
4. Was Mr. Bean fully awake when he got up? __________________
5. What did Mr. Bean do with the curtains?____________________
6. After opening the curtains, what did he do next? ______________________________
7. What kind of appointment did he have at 9:00 A.M?__________________________
8. What clothes did Mr. Bean take off in the car? _________________________________
9. What clothes did he put on? ______________________
10. Did he brush his teeth? ________________________________
11. Who did he see when he got out of the car? _______________________
12. Why was the police officer looking at his trousers? ___________________________

14.Was he late for his appointment? ___________________________________
15. Who did he first meet at the dentist’s clinic? _______________________________
16. What did the nurse tell him? _______________________
17. What book did he want to read? ______________________
18. Who was reading the comic book? ____________________
19. How did he get the comic book from the boy? ____________________________________
20. What happened when he started reading the comic book?____________________________
21. What is a syringe? Who uses it?____________________


3º B :For our lesson on Friday I want you to do something in advance. We are going to play a game called The Lying Game. You have to say 4 sentences ( three truths and one lie). The rest of the class has to "guess" which sentence is the lie by asking a lot of questions to the person speaking.

YOU MUST WRITE THEM USING THE PAST SIMPLE! Sometimes the use of the Present Perfect would be more correct. So if you know how to use it, do it!

Here are mine...Guess which one is the lie!

I studied Chinese for a year.

I broke both arms when I was little.

I saw a suicide ( self-defenestration) when I was living in Granada.

I haven´t flown more than 20 times.

3º A for Thursday.

Advice: The sentences must be a bit shocking. It isn´t very interesting to say " I play football" or " I don´t like going out with my friends". Be more original and creative!!

I´ll mark your pronunciation and the speaking could be assessed too.


Monday, 15 November 2010


Describe what you have seen.

Have you seen the movie? Why do you think the main character tries to simulate he is playing the piano?

Describe the pianist ( looks and feelings)


Answer the following questions:

What can you see at the beginning of the trailer?

Explain the relationship between the man and the woman. Are they a couple? How do you know that?

Describe the woman´s feelings with her fiancé and with the main male character in the film.

Name the main differences you can see in relation to the beginning and the end of this trailer.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Mr Bean at the Mall


Credit card, shop assistant, perfume, try, towel, fish, frying pan, coat, escalator, toothbrush, pay by check/in cash, make a mistake, account, withdraw money,wallet, knife, toilet paper, floor, mirror, kitchen utensils, peeler.

Comprehension questions

1. What does Mr. Bean want to do at the shopping mall?
2. Does Mr. Bean like the smell of perfumes? ___________________
3. What does he do with the toothbrush? __________________________
4. After trying the toothbrush, does he take the same one?
5. What does he want to buy next? _________________________
6. What does he do with the towel? _________________________
7. How does he get to the second floor? _____________________________________
8. What does he want to buy at the kitchen utensil shelves?
9. How does he know the correct knife (peeler knife) to buy?
10. How does he try the frying pan?
11. What does he want to buy next?
12. How does Mr. Bean want to pay?
13. What happens when he tries to pay?
14. What should Mr. Bean have said when the man mistakenly took his card?


Thursday, 4 November 2010


Try to answer these riddles with your classmates.

1) What´s got a head and a tail, but no body?

2)Which letter is always trying to find reasons?

3)Which letter is not me?

4)What is as big as a horse but doesn´t weigh anything?

Tuesday, 2 November 2010


The day of the strike the students who came to class did this activity. I think it would be good if you do it too. It is not compulsory, though.


Tyler: Gandhi said that whatever you do in_______will be______.
But it's very__________ that you do it
Girl: Officer, those two were just trying to stop it.
Cop: Go _______
Tyler: hey hey… I tend to agree with the________part
Charles: You could do worse than have a father who bails you out of ________
Tyler: I don't want to be bailed out of ________
Caroline: Why do you think dad doesn't want to_______ with me?
Charles: She knows I'll take care of her … That's all there is Tyler...
Tyler: That's all there is? It's not ________
Receptionist: You know you can't _________in here.
Tyler: Then, why do you have an ashtray?
Receptionist: It's a _________, it completes the room.
Tyler: I guess it was just here to tease me.
Tyler's friend: You've been a_________ .These past couple of weeks, alright? You don't want to go out _______.I've had enough of this introvert stuff, OK? I'm ready to set up an intervetion here!


1.Who´s Ally? A. She´s the cops´s daughter
2.What does Ally have first in meals? B. Because her father disapproves their relationship.
3.What kind of food does Tyler prepare for Ally? C. A chocolate cake
4.What is Tyler wearing when he´s in the restaurant? D. He´s wearin a dark suit, white shirt and a dark tie.
5.Why do you think Ally leaves her house? E. 22
6.What´s Ally´s real name? F. Dessert
7.How old is Tyler? G. Emilie de Ravin

Activity from anglesonline

Saturday, 30 October 2010



Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the world, from Japan
to the USA. It takes place on the 31st October and usually involves the wearing
of scary costumes and attending Halloween parties. In the USA, the practice
of “trick or treating” is also popular.

Halloween probably originated in Ireland, from the Celtic festival “Samhain”.
It was a festival which celebrated the end of summer – the “lighter” half of the
year and the beginning of the “darker” half. People believed that evil spirits
would come out on this day, and so to protect themselves they would dress
up as evil spirits themselves. They wore costumes and masks and painted
or blackened their faces. There were similar festivals in other countries. The
word “Halloween” comes from the Scottish “All-Hallows-Even”, which means
“the day before All-Hallows”. All Hallows is All Souls Day or the “Day of the
Dead”, observed in many cultures around the world.

The massive immigration from Scotland and Ireland to the USA in the nineteenth
century took the tradition of Halloween there. It is more popular in the USA
nowadays than anywhere else in the world.


Probably the most important tradition in the celebration of Halloween is dressing
in costumes. Theses costumes refl ect characters from horror fi lms or literature;
Frankenstein, Dracula and The Mummy are favourites. The general themes are
death and evil and costumes include ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves
and demons.


A jack-o-lantern is a carved out pumpkin with a candle inside. A scary face
is carved on one side of the pumpkin. Originally, in Ireland and Britain,
jack-o-lanterns were made from turnips, but in the USA pumpkins were plentiful
and much easier to carve out because of their size.

Trick or treating

This involves going from door to door, usually dressed in a Halloween costume
and asking for “treats”, such as sweets, cakes or even small amounts of money.
The question “trick or treat?” means “give me a treat or I’ll play a trick on you!”
This trick would be some kind of prank or joke.


In Scotland, guising takes the place of “trick or treating”. Children go from
house to house and perform tricks; they sing a song, do a dance or tell
a story in return for a treat.

Games and activities.

Apple bobbing is a popular game at Halloween parties. Apples are put
into a barrel or a tub of water where they fl oat on the surface. The idea
of the game is to get an apple using your teeth. It’s great fun, and everyone
gets wet!

Divination games are also popular at Halloween parties. Divination means
foretelling the future. In Scotland, they peel an apple, then throw the peel
on the ground. The peel is said to form the fi rst letter of the name of your
future husband or wife.

Telling ghost stories is another popular activity. The story-tellers usually
wear a scary costume and use props like skulls or spiders. They create
a supernatural atmosphere using candles.

Text taken from Oxford University Press

Monday, 18 October 2010


You have to hand in these two activities on Wednesday 3rd November.

ACTIVITY 1: Answer the following questions

1.What do you think Charlie has said to the child?

2.Why do you think the child has taken some stones?

3.When the child is going to throw a stone for the third time, he sees a man standing behind him. Can you imagine who he is?

4.Why Chaplin kicks the little boy?

ACTIVITY 2: Write a dialogue for the four characters that appear in the video. ( Use your fertile imagination!)

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To do some quizzes...here
To do some quizzes...here

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