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Monday, 18 October 2010


You have to hand in these two activities on Wednesday 3rd November.

ACTIVITY 1: Answer the following questions

1.What do you think Charlie has said to the child?

2.Why do you think the child has taken some stones?

3.When the child is going to throw a stone for the third time, he sees a man standing behind him. Can you imagine who he is?

4.Why Chaplin kicks the little boy?

ACTIVITY 2: Write a dialogue for the four characters that appear in the video. ( Use your fertile imagination!)

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  1. Hi, John here again. Yes, I'm from Espiritu Santo, and my English seems to be more advanced than the one of many people there, but that's... The magical power of research! I hope to read from you again!

    - John Steven/ Juan Esteban


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