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Sunday, 5 December 2010

John Lennon

It´s been nearly 30 years ( next Wednesday) since John Lennon, one of the best-known musicians, was assassinated by a crazy Mark David Chapman. But his legend still lives on.

I´ve uploaded some songs for you to listen to, sing or just watch. They are worth a try. Hope you enjoy!

Who hasn´t heard about this song? The message is crystal clear.

Give peace a chance ( dad una oportunidad a la paz) A great pacifist Lennon was!

All you need is love. Great love song!

In my life. ( You have the lyrics both in Spanish and English)


  1. I only knew "Yellow Submarine" and "Drive my car" from The Beatles :P

  2. It´s high time you started listening to more songs. Start with The Beatles 1962-66 (my fave CD).

  3. I don't know anything 'bout 'em.
    Well... I only know they played rock :P

  4. Possibly one of the best songs ever. I am not objective, it brings back many memories. :)

  5. Yeah, I dare say they were the greatest pop and rock band of all times. That was real music, not the "strange" kind of music we listen to nowadays. There are good bands, though.

  6. teacher the beatles are cool

  7. Where were you, "James", when you wrote that? ¬¬"... Mwahaha!
    I told you how to comment! xD


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