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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Continue the story...

Task: Continue the following story.

It is dark outside and you are alone in an old house. On the wall there is a picture of a strange man with eyes that are alive and watching you. There is a room in this old house which makes you cold when you enter it, cold all the way down your back. And this is the room where, long ago, somebody died- very suddenly.

I have typed here the best story two girls from 3º of ESO wrote.

I entered in a bedroom, but something strange happened. The door closed. It was dark, so I looked for my torch. I was scared and I tried to go out, but I couldn't. I heard a scary laugh. I started to shout and someone said, " Silence, please. I want to tell you something". I couldn't believe it, I was really surprised. I heard again the mystery voice. It wass a man and he wanted revenge, because he has been killed.

He told me he was rich. He lived in a big house and he had all he always wished for but he didn't find love. One day, he met a pretty girl and they fell in love. Later, they got maried. He was reading in their bedroom, and his wife gave him some wine. When he was drinking the wine, his wife told him the drink was poisonous and told him she wanted him for his money. Then, he died while the murderer was laughing.

I listened to the story and I thought I should help him. I asked him, "How can I help you?", but nobody answered. I looked for him in the room, but he wasn't there any more. The door opened again and I went out. I returnedd to the hall, and I looked at the picture. The man had disappeared, but there was a dead woman instead. Behind her there was a man laughing because he finally revenged his death.

Almudena H. and Ana N.

Pretty good stuff, girls! Sorry for the delay.

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