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Sunday, 8 November 2015


Pronouncing correctly in English is essential. We, Spaniards, tend to be always talking in the present. We usually lack the rules about how to pronounce a verb ending in -ed.

 Phonetics in English is a bit tricky, not every different spelling has a single rule, for example.

If we take the letter pattern "gh" we can find different ways of pronouncing  words with that spelling but actually, there isn't a rule for that. Example: ( sorry but I can't write the real phonetic symbol here)

F: rough / raf/, enough /inaf/, laugh /laf/
No pronunciation at all: though  /dou , through /zru/

Well, I hope that with this activity you learn a bit more about your second language. You must practice enough to get it right!

I once heard somebody saying..." My level of English is so bad that every time I ask for a beer , I'm not sure if I'll get a "bird", a ·beard", a "bear" or an actual "beer" ·

I don't want you to be the kind of person who said that but it's important to practice and to check the correct pronunciation in a dictionary ( or a website).


ED ENDING by Chiqui Lennon

With the following exercise you'll learn to discriminate sounds ( use howjsay.com if you want to do it at home one more time).

 Remember to have a look at your phonetic alphabet to understand the phonetic transcription better.

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