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Monday, 28 December 2015

Since NODOBY has sent me their emails...here you are!



Record yourself reading the following sentences. Remember the rules on how to pronounce the –ed ending well.

Once you have the sentences recorded, upload them here. Don’t be ashamed of your pronunciation, maybe you need more practice but…let your classmates check your progress!

   1.       We talked for hours.
   2.       Picasso painted a lot.
   3.       My sister washed the dishes.
   4.       I asked a question.  
   5.       My brother played computer games.
   6.       They listened to the Beatles.
   7.       I finished doing my homework.
   8.       We laughed with her.
   9.       My friend worked very hard.
   10.   Alan scored a goal.
   11.   She was an actress so she acted.
   12.   We completed our tasks.
   13.   Those crisps smelled a bit strange.
   14.   My grandma visited me yesterday.
   15.   She received my letter last week.
   16.   All I wanted was to buy a red dress.
   17.   She looked pale.
   18.   My cousin decided to travel.
   19.   We needed to rent a car.
   20.   Lesley and Philip moved to Edinburg in 2009.
   21.   My nephew appeared on TV last night.
   22.   My teacher liked tennis.
   23.   Paul celebrated his birthday party in Madrid.
   24.   He returned to entertainment.
   25.   John complained about the food..

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