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Thursday, 18 November 2010

As they say in England..."Laughter is the best medicine"

Oh, come on! You are not 100% sure your level of understanding the British humour is adequate? Would you like to work it out? Fortunately, I have some acquaintances in the British Isles that have sent me the following jokes for you to laugh your heads off!

Let´s see if you could pose as a native in Málaga this summer...

If frightened, don´t click here


  1. Teacher, guess what...

    I can't click "there" 'cause when I do it, it opens a new window but I have to write a google account, and I haven't got my own!! =(

  2. Oh, my. Sorry about that. I´ll try to fix that in a moment.

  3. Ohhh thanks :)

    I really don't know why you write all these cool things, even almost anyone sees it :/
    but still doing it, I like them ;)

  4. I´m a teacher, so I teach.
    I like my job and I love that somebody learns something from it. I´ll keep on posting.I think this language is very interesting and there are plenty of things that , unfortunately, aren´t in your books!

    By the way, thanks for your comment.

  5. That's OK. =)
    Anyways... have we got to do ALL the activities of all those videos we saw in class??????? O.O"

  6. Your English teacher26 November 2010 at 16:56

    No, you don´t have to. We´ll do them in class one day...

  7. Oh, great! ^.^

    Btw, I think who read the 3rd joke wouldn't understand it :/

  8. (If it means what I think...)


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