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Friday, 12 November 2010

Mr Bean at the Mall


Credit card, shop assistant, perfume, try, towel, fish, frying pan, coat, escalator, toothbrush, pay by check/in cash, make a mistake, account, withdraw money,wallet, knife, toilet paper, floor, mirror, kitchen utensils, peeler.

Comprehension questions

1. What does Mr. Bean want to do at the shopping mall?
2. Does Mr. Bean like the smell of perfumes? ___________________
3. What does he do with the toothbrush? __________________________
4. After trying the toothbrush, does he take the same one?
5. What does he want to buy next? _________________________
6. What does he do with the towel? _________________________
7. How does he get to the second floor? _____________________________________
8. What does he want to buy at the kitchen utensil shelves?
9. How does he know the correct knife (peeler knife) to buy?
10. How does he try the frying pan?
11. What does he want to buy next?
12. How does Mr. Bean want to pay?
13. What happens when he tries to pay?
14. What should Mr. Bean have said when the man mistakenly took his card?



  1. Where have we got to write the activities?
    In our notebook or a piece of paper?

  2. Hello, John Steven (Name in Spanish) here. Yes, I'm that boy from 1º of the Secondary school. I just want to tell that those activities are a true gem to anybody that wants to improve their English, the page is gorgeously designed, all clear and that it's a great offer. Great work!

  3. I suppose you are Ana. You have to write the answers in your notebook for Monday.

    John, I don´t quite understand that of "(name in Spanish)".Anyway, thanks a lot for your comment!

  4. Name in spanish is meant, that you needed to translate, but I'm Juan Esteban.

  5. Teacher, you suppose right , I'm Ana hehe =) (anybody of our class comments here)

    And one more thing, he's at this school and his english is "BOOM", his english is amazing. I hardly understand him, even he's at 1º ESO :O

    thanks for the information ;)

  6. Yes, you´re right. Nobody writes here but you.

    It seems as if John were a native student. Perfect English. I wish all my students had the same level as you two.

    See you in class

  7. Teacher, Laura has asked me if we have to translate the key vocabulary, have we got to?


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